Behind the scenes at our Diamond shoot


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We have worked with Diamond for the last two years to create top class media partnerships online. In 2011 we worked with Marie Claire to help time-pushed women look their best in 20 minutes, and last year, in line with the new EU Gender Directive, we partnered with Heatworld to ask ‘Are men and women really the same?’.

This year we were keen for a new challenge to engage with Diamond’s young and socially conscious target audience. So we asked the question, can anyone become a celebrity? Last Tuesday we took to the streets of London to find out whether we could really ‘fake it to make it’.

We took typical graduate Georgia Greenham and, with the help of presenter Sam Homewood, gave her the full celebrity makeover – the look, the entourage, the twitter following. We filmed all day on numerous locations – our studios, Heatworld Towers, Soho and Carnaby Street – to create a video that was both informative but also a tongue-in-cheek take on our obsession with celebrity life.

So did the public fall for it? Have we created the next big thing? You will have to watch the video to find out…

Fake it to make it will be released in June as part of our exclusive Heatworld partnership, including homepage takeover, 4 week advertorial presence and social media support. In the meantime, follow @diamondgeorgia for more celebrity tips and to get the inside scoop on what happened at Heatworld Towers…


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