Out with the old and in with the new!

With the digital era upon us many broadcasters and brands are re-thinking their media communications to tap into audiences using online platforms to access news and entertainment. Recent developments have seen greater popularity in streamed video content accessed on devices such as mobile, tablet and PC.

The BBC is one of the first broadcast giants to invest publicly in online strategies for broadcast; BBC News will broadcast for the first time today from their new central London headquarters which were purposely built to accommodate digital systems. The new Broadcasting House studios have been designed to enable the various production teams to deliver effectively its content across media channels to all devices.

Brands are also starting to favour online broadcasting above traditional media approaches. Most significantly, Amazon has recently spent millions of dollars producing WebTV programmes which will only be available through their websites. And it’s not just the big names; many businesses are frequently using online broadcast content to engage with wider audiences.

To see an example of how businesses are incorporating online video into their communication strategies, check out our recent work for Butlins, where we created a live WebTV show for the launch of their new Wave Hotel which was then streamed to mobile and online via the Butlins website and social media. For more information click here..